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Reach an audience of high worth clients

Our Club consists of VIP clients who are previleged to afford some of the best Ferrari models available on the market. Put your brand and services in the prime position, directly in front of a network of potential clients.

elevate your brand

With an extensive Social Media presence totalling over 245,000 followers, the opportunites to increase your brand awareness is significant.

Combining our social media expertise, in house professional photography capabilites and the opportunies which in person events generate, our Club provides multiple ways to take your brand to the next level.


a tailored approach

We believe a sponsorship agreement is truly effective when both parties have a common understanding of each others businesses and goals. As such, a tailored approach is taken with individual sponsors to nuture a working relationship where each sponsor is truly immersed within the Club environment.

what do we look for in sponsors?

Our goal is to consistently offer members an experience like no other - this extends to the brands we are sponsored by. Brands which can work with us to achieve our goal and work together to ultimately achieve results for your business are the brands we want to work with.

For full details of our sponsorship details including cost and further information about our exact offering please complete the contact form below.

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